Sparks flying during CNC milling

CNC Turning + Milling

SEIA specialises in CNC turning and milling services, employing 3, 4, and 5-axis machines alongside robotic loaders and palletisers to ensure precision and efficiency in all manufacturing processes. Our comprehensive range of CNC milling machines and lathes enables tailored machining solutions for small, medium, and high-volume needs. Operating on a 24-hour basis, we utilise Hypermill and Alphacam software for optimal results. With a commitment to machining excellence, we handle complex parts with utmost precision and tight tolerances across a diverse array of materials, serving industries including Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Defence, Rail, Motorsport and Oil & Gas.


Our facility offers rapid prototyping services tailored for every stage of New Product Introduction (NPI) and beyond. With a dedicated team of experienced engineers, we can assist in exploring enhancements for existing designs or precise manufacturing to exact specifications. Specialising in swift prototyping solutions, we expedite product development processes without compromising on quality. Our approach is fully customisable to suit unique needs, with comprehensive collaboration throughout every phase of the prototyping process. Whether you require a single prototype or large-scale production, our flexible manufacturing capabilities ensure your needs are met with precision and efficiency, supported by end-to-end assistance throughout the entire product lifecycle.


At our facility, we take pride in our expansive assembly capabilities. Equipped with dedicated areas for multiple processes such as brazing, vacuum furnacing, and vapor honing, we ensure streamlined operations and efficient delivery of high-quality assemblies. Our in-house assembly division covers a spectrum of needs, from specialised hand brazing to comprehensive electromechanical assembly solutions. Supported by our production machine shop and offshore sourcing capabilities, we offer cost-effective solutions with rigorous testing and full traceability. Working closely with our customers, we deliver bespoke engineering solutions tailored to meet the most demanding requirements across various industries.

Offshore Procurement

Our offshore procurement service specialises in high-volume manufacturing, pressings, and castings, offering competitive prices while maintaining the quality associated with SEIA. With well-established overseas offices and a global network, we manage seamless supply chain operations, offering certifications for all supplied materials and inspection reporting upon request. Parts undergo thorough inspection at the source and additional AQL inspections at our facilities, ensuring compliance with specifications even before arrival. We provide flexible supply arrangements such as kanban or stock holding, with next-day delivery available for most areas in the UK. Additionally, we offer validation of manufacturing processes at our UK facility before transitioning to offshore partners, mitigating risks associated with sourcing while capitalizing on competitive pricing advantages.